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Suicide - Research Paper Example

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Depression is usually the reason for suicide. After facing many traumatic situations in life, it becomes very difficult to cope up with. To determine this, an online survey questionnaire…
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Extract of sample "Suicide"

Your The 19 September 2009 Depression, a cause for suicide. Intentional self inflicted acts that take our life are usually caused due to many reasons. Depression is usually the reason for suicide. After facing many traumatic situations in life, it becomes very difficult to cope up with. To determine this, an online survey questionnaire was administered to 30 psychiatrists in different parts of the world. The participants were given 30 days to complete the same. This survey had a total of 5 questions and the participants had to answer it on the basis of their client records for the past 1 year. The results were measured in percentages to ensure clarity and accuracy in the research.
Sixty-seven percent of sample population (n=20) reported maximum suicide attempts among people in the age group of 15-25, 19% (n=5) was in the 25-35 range. Suicide attempts among the other age groups, i.e., 5-15 and above 35 was relatively low at 7% each. Secondly, almost half of the sample population reported maximum suicide attempts among females, at 47% (n=14), followed by men at 30% (n=9). About 17% of the psychiatrists reported equal number of suicide cases from both genders. Thirdly, about 53% (n=16) reported that their patients who had attempted suicide had used either pills or unspecified drugs as the method. About 27% (n=8) had attempted poisonous substances. However, there were cases using other methods of suicide attempts too. An assessment of reasons for committing suicide highlighted social pressures (30%) and failure in relationships (30%) as the most common ones. Other reasons like family and economic conditions were also reported.
The most common impact of suicide attempts was greater depression, reported by almost 74% of the psychiatrists. This could probably be due to stigma and fear of facing the society and family members. Fear and avenging behavior have also been noticed. Increased attachment towards family was reported by few psychiatrists.
The outcome of the survey pointed that depression leading to suicide was more common among adolescent females. This survey indicates that suicides attempts were reported maximum among the girls between the age group of 15-25 years, as this is the age where female face a lot of problems and pressure from school, university, their economic condition, love failures or their general hormonal changes, and even sexual harassments. Reasons for attempts of suicide can be attributed to their level of maturity and ability to handle their own growing emotions towards new relationships. Clash of sociocultural expectations and adolescent behavior can also lead to depression. For instance, young women find it extremely difficult to handle unintended teenage pregnancies and forced marriages in some communities and the responsibilities attached to it.
Teen Depression is the most common reason and usually starts from college where the students have to deal with pressure of competition, economic differences, low self esteem, lack of confidence, lack of emotional support from the parents as both of them are at work etc. (Alec and Newport, 216).
In conclusion, this survey highlights who, why and how aspects of suicide as reported by a sample of 30 psychiatrists in the last one year. For some women just the thought of managing married life, home, career, kids etc becomes a cause for depression. During this continuous depression is when a woman decides to commit suicide and the easiest way possible is by consuming some pills or unspecified substance easily available at home. This some times leads to failure in the attempt and leaves the patient with further depression and hatred for life and people around them. Apart from this the survey also shows that although the female suicide rate is higher, 30% of the psychiatrists reported suicide attempts by men. The reasons although are slight different from that of a female suicide, the main reasons remain the same like the teen depression, socioeconomic pressures, love failure etc.
Survey questionnaire:

Works cited
Gallup ,Alec M and Frank Newport. The Gallup poll: public opinion 2004, Vol 1996, United States of America: Rowman & Littlefield, 2006. Read More
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