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Community Profile (demography) - Brisbane City Inner - Essay Example

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Brisbane, serves as the capital as well as the largest metropolis of the Queensland state of Australia. Containing noteworthy geographical and strategic location, beautiful…
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Community Profile (demography) - Brisbane City Inner
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Download file to see previous pages Brisbane is the busiest commercial centre of the Queensland, which not only earns significant revenue for the entire state, but also it carries the load of unemployment, educational and health requirements of Queensland. It is therefore the people from suburb regions migrate towards the capital city for business and employment purposes. The history as well as the demographic, cultural, social, economic and religious aspects of the city have been analysed under the following headings:
Historical Background: The archaeologists have defined various methodologies while detecting the historical backgrounds of different regions and cities of the world. The same is the case with Brisbane city, where the archaeologists and theorists lay stress upon estimating and analysing the nature, characteristics and features of creeks, hills, meadows and ravines, situated in Brisbane, around which this splendid city has been constructed. “To discover the early history of Brisbane, one needs to look no further than the oyster shell mounds found along the canyons and ravines of its creeks. From those mounds, archaeologists have unearthed relics of the first inhabitants of the area: the Costanoan Indians.” (Retrieved from The Costanoan Indians lived in this coastal city for decades with peace and solidarity till the European nations started arriving towards the city and taking its hold through their military might. Though the US, French and other European nations set their foot in the land, it were the British forces officials who captured the control of the country and set up their political and military establishment in Australia. Sir Thomas Brisbane is regarded as the founder person of the Brisbane city in 1825, which established the city on modern lines. The city was divided into zones and councils during the second half of twentieth century, and is still in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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