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If so, the actions, in this sense the compensation awarded to him, will be put to vain. This is a clear showcase of being utilitarian, where Fieser (2009)…
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Ethical consideration
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Download file to see previous pages se is, to have a correct ethical decision such that the resources of the foundation will not be put to waste and that the employee will be compensated accordingly. If I were to make a decision, I would look for the average market value or the average compensation given to major gifts officers of various foundations like ours and base the compensation that we will give, if there is no existing policy or rule in the foundation. To avoid the scenario where the employee will not be able to do the job is a little more difficult to ensure but this will not be dealt with using the commission option. Instead, he will be subject to a quarterly review against the set objectives/goals and his performance will be the basis for renewing his services or not. In this case, proper compensation is given and the objective to generate funds will be ensured because of the performance review.
Government officials are prohibited to accept gifts because of various sources one being the fact that they may affect the decisions of the officials especially when the giver is currently transacting a business with the government office to which the official is connected. An extensive do’s and don’ts are listed along with the conditions is put forth by the US Department Ethics Office (1999) which can be made as basis for making my decision on what to do with the other $25,000 given to me along with the other $25,000 for the foundation. One condition in the ethics pamphlet states that the gift may be received provided that the act of giving is prompted by personal relations, such as friendship. In this case, my friendship with Jones for 15 years has probably prompted him to send me such gift, considering that he has no family and probably limited friends. Initially, I would gladly accept the gift and look at it as a token of gratitude. In the first place, I know that there is probably no string attached to his gift being the fact that we have known each other for more than a decade ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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