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Interview/Cultural Tradition Report - Essay Example

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It allows for abstractions caused by modernity to be better explained with the help of a rich cultural heritage (Magliola & Sweet).The tradition creates an understanding of the political, social and…
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Interview/Cultural Tradition Report
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Download file to see previous pages and social relevance that is cultivated by this traditional force (Reisman 1965) Thus, with it is coupled the strong cultural legacy that is coupled with the particular race. The essay will speak of the traditions and life of an Indian immigrant living on foreign soil.
Indians from South Asia are a burgeoning group on United States soil. The groups of immigrants form a large and invigorating force. They introduce and add colorful and powerful aspects of their traditions to the local heritage.
The individual interviewed for this report was a teenager belonging from Mumbai, one of the largest cities in India. The interviewee was born in the United States but his parents had emigrated from India twenty-five years ago. The reason for this shift of countries was with the hopes of a better life. It seems education was the foremost reason given for moving away from the homeland. The parents sought better opportunities for their children and the American model of education seemed perfect for providing this.
Hinduism is the religion followed by the locals of the region. The values, symbols and ideals taught by this religion are seen as an apt practice for focusing on a chaste and successful way of life (Religion and Indian Society). Thus, it seeps into every part of their lives, be it something ranging from the worshipping of God or to the food they eat.
Indians are particular about their eating habits. Many of them, especially the first generation of immigrants continue to resort for vegans. However, the second or third generation of immigrants seeks to incorporate meat into their diet. However, beef is one food item that Indians refrain from eating. Its association with the Go Mata or Mother Cow creates the idea of God’s meat being eaten by consuming this animal. The Vedah, one of the Hindus’ oldest of Divine books, forbids the eating, wearing or any other act which might result in harm to the cow. However, milk is an important part of the Indian diet because of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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