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Wireless and the new Technology - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The study is based on the application of a wireless technology referred to as Audience Response System to high school students on the basis of different concepts. One main basis is the constructivist learning highlighting the active role of learners in attaining the knowledge…
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Wireless and the new Technology
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"Wireless and the new Technology"

Download file to see previous pages Results were determined comparatively through pre- and post-tests. Based on the gathered data, the results of the examinations with the ARS is similar to the conventional form of learning but based on surveys that explored the students’ opinions, ARS is more stimulating to learning.
In the study, Islam and Doyle focused on the advantages brought about by the use of wireless technology specifically the mobile SMS in the communication among the developing countries, specifically one of the poorest countries which is Bangladesh. The said advantages include health services, e-commerce, data gathering for different studies and distance education. The results of the article contributed in the determination that the applications of wireless technology are not limited in the urban areas and in developed nations.
Barnes, L. J. (2008). Lecture-Free High School Biology Using an Audience Response System. American Biology Teacher, 70(9), 531-536. Retrieved September 15, 2009, from
Blackbourn, J. M., Fillingim, J. G., McCelland, S., Elrod, G. F., Medley, M. B., Kritsonis, M. A., Ray, J. (2008). The Use of Wireless Technology to Augment Problem-Based Learning in Special Education Preservice Teacher Training. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 35(2), 169-176. Retrieved September 15, 2009, from
Islam, Y. M. and Doyle, K. O. (2008). Distance Education via SMS Technology in Rural Bangladesh. American Behavioral Scientist, 52(1), 87-96. Retrieved September 15, 2009, from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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.... (2013, May). Behind the Screens: Conflict Minerals and Toxic Waste. Retrieved from Inspiration Green: Critical Friends of Technology. (2003). A social Ecology of Wireless Technology. First Monday, 8(8), xxx-xxx. Sage, C., & Carpenter, O. D. (2009). Public Health Implications of Wireless technologies. Pathophysiology, 603, 1-14. Toffel, M. W., & Horvath, A. (2004). Environmental Implications of Wireles Techologies: News Delivery and Business meetings. Environmental Science and Technology, xx(xx), A-I. U.S environmental Protection Agency. (2014, August 06)....
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