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An evaluation of a successful media campaign for a 2009 film - Essay Example

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Transformers 2 is the sequel to Transformers and therefore has naturally acquired a similar identity and perceptive dimension in the hearts of the audience (Claudia Eller, 2009). The success of the film has basically been determined by the Spielberg’s unimaginable stretch of…
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Download file to see previous pages After two years Transformers 2 was released in the month of June 2009 to a highly receptive audience in Europe and North America. The film is based on the epic battle between two forces – Decepticons versus Autobots (Gale Reference Team,2007). The former is led by Starscream of Cybertron while the latter is led by Optimums. The whole story of the film revolves around one particular character, viz. Sam Witwicky. He is a human being caught up in the conflict because he has strange visitations from Cybertronians. Finally, the battle for the earth expands in to a battle for the universe and as expected, Decepticons are defeated by Autobots. Being a science fiction Transformers 2 has all the characteristics of both imaginable and unimaginable stretches of human perception ( What is so significant about the film is the notion that the earth and humans would be protected by an alien force against any possible attack by a more powerful civilization.
As with any other science fiction involving heavy machines, Transformer 2 is also a slugfest among a variety of metallic machines that incidentally have names as human individuals would have ( However there is one particular aspect of the film that cannot be brushed aside as mere imagination of Steven Spielberg. The psychology behind a universal battle is based on the thematic paradigm that pits the evil against the good. Spielberg has invariably identified both connotations and denotations of the remotest possibility, i.e. a war between two extraterrestrial forces over human affairs. In other words the existence of extraterrestrials is without logic; yet there are people who subscribe to the theory of extraterrestrials.
The melodramatic characterization of fighting machines on the basis of quality attributes farfetched though, human imagination does not reject the possibility of a no-holds-barred slugfests ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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