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The Efficiency of European Container Terminals and Implications for Supply Chain Management - Case Study Example

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This supply chain industry, there are several other players apart, is basically the intermediary between the producer and the consumers. In this case…
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The Efficiency of European Container Terminals and Implications for Supply Chain Management
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Extract of sample "The Efficiency of European Container Terminals and Implications for Supply Chain Management"

Download file to see previous pages This title precisely represents the core subject of the paper. The abstract of the paper briefly discuss the main objective of the study, methodology used in the process and the final outcome of the study. It can be concluded from the statement of purpose of the abstract that the core content of the introduction of the paper is significantly matching with the basic statement of the abstract.
The major purpose of the study is to determine the level of efficiency of the European container terminals. In the introduction of the study various information are given in a proper sequence. All these information are directly or indirectly related to the main purpose of the study. The main objective of this study involves the determination of the efficiency of container terminals and its implication in the global supply chain management. But before going straight into the determination process the term container terminal and its role in the global supply chain management needs to be defined. Container port functions as a link between the consumers and the producers of goods and it is mainly used in the export import industry. Container port industry, simply a part of the global supply chain industry where there is many other players who actually influence the main role of the container port industry. In the last two decades there have been two main changes in the container shipping industry. These changes have taken place in the form of globalization in case of service coverage and provision in case of extension of logistics services. Apart from this, the introduction part also includes the nature of the competitiveness of the port industry and various external and internal challenges that this industry is likely to face. All these information are indirectly related with the main purpose of the study. It is quite clear form the introduction part of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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