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Killer Profile - Essay Example

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The notion that a person’s personality is revealed through a few disparate pieces of information or that there are only a few different personality types out there—especially among criminals—has fuelled…
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Killer Profile
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Download file to see previous pages People involved in violent crimes tend to fit the profile described by the profiler in this case, but here there is no evidence to suggest the killer fits these behavioural categories. The description of the characteristics of this individual are also extremely broad. A large number of men would fit this profile. There are many men out there who are angry and slightly paranoid, who drink too much and have an interest in guns and military matters. There is nothing particular or detailed about this description, nothing which will lead investigators directly to their man.
These kinds of profiles can be counter-productive. They tend to create a schema in the investigators mind. They then have trouble thinking outside of the box. They look only for a men of a certain background and age and disposition. The best example of a profile throwing off an investigation—and indeed leading to the preventable deaths of many individuals—occurred in the course of the Beltway Sniper investigation. A similar profile was presented to investigators: the shooter was to be a white man of a certain age, paranoid and with background in the military or law enforcement. Investigators combed DC and its suburbs looking for such people. In fact, the sniping turned out to be the work of an African American man and his 17-year-old son. What seemed to be the work of one man was the work of two—and the profile was completely wrong. If investigators had simply kept more of an open mind they would likely have found the Beltway Sniper before he could do such damage.
There are however some advantages to following the suggestions of this profile. To being with it provides a starting point. Just because it may be a kind of default profile doesn’t mean that it isn’t accurate. The notion that the killer has an explosive temper and does not respond well under pressure and that he has a paranoid mindframe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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