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Module Questions Law - Coursework Example

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Professor Name Subject Date CRW-1 Assignment 1-1 Q. What is Criminology? It is an advanced course of study, where crime is discussed in terms of reasoning, theory, ethics, it’s meaning in terms of law and social reaction. Q. What is the difference between a criminologist and a criminalist?…
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Module Questions Law Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages Assignment 1-2 Q. In Edward Sutherland's definition of crime, there are three areas that form the foundation of specialty areas in criminology. List and discuss each of the three areas. In order to discuss the founding areas of Sutherland’s definition of crime, I’ll paste the definition as it is. "Criminality is a probabilistic event determined by the frequency and quality of interaction with persons holding definitions favorable or unfavorable to violation of the law." According to this definition “Criminality is a probabilistic approach”, something that describes the probability of committing a crime, something that is not instinctive but occurs with a potential threat in the society or a matter of self tolerance. “Probabilistic event”, explains that nothing can be proven with a 100% guarantee. In an experiment carried on 10 people to determine how many out of those 10 commit crime when exposed to a potential threat, if the ratio turns out to be 51%, the probable explanation of the theorist is proved and hence the theory as well. “Frequency and quality of interaction with persons holding definitions favorable or unfavorable to violation of the law”; this factor of the statement describes the possible root of committing a crime, a proposed tendency to adopt criminal thoughts or criminal approaches if the person has more interaction with people who are involved in such acts, the depth or strength of the relationship with such people. Q. Discuss the importance of theory. Your answer should include the aspects and fundamental issues of theories. The most important thought that this theory puts forward is the fact, that a person is not born with a tendency to commit a crime. Biological factors might only have a 50% effect on a man’s nature but his social inclination towards people who have a history or background of crime increases a man’s potential to commit a crime. Social or civil discrimination or other such factors are also the reasons which cause a rise in criminal activities. Q. Define "cause". Theorist always present words in a way that don’t really present the fixation of their thoughts. ‘Cause’ of a possible crime can be explained by playing with words, providing general interpretations of what could be the possible factors. A ‘cause’ can be defined as a possible reason or a factor that may provoke a potential crime. Q. List and briefly discuss four of the definitional problems in defining crime. The first definitional problem in defining crime is its failure to specify it with determinance. Explaining an act on probable grounds does give a ratio of high regard but it still isn’t 100% guaranteed. Secondly is the relationship between the frequency and the quality of the relationships between individuals. Both frequency and quality set to give an entirely different outlook to the behavior of attempt of crime. The favorable and unfavorable definitions on the attempt of crime vary differently on different occasions; hence, it cannot be a standard to determine crime. Q. What is the difference between criminology and criminal justice? Criminology is described more as a behavioral or a social study that intends to describe the social causes of crime or the reaction to crimes. Criminal justice on the other hand, is the field that deals with the collective aspect of criminal policy making. Or in other words its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Module Questions Law Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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