How to Escape from a Bad Date by Piven et al (297-302)Patterns 11th ed - Essay Example

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When a girl and a boy reach a particular age when he or she begins to form a particular attention towards the opposite gender. The need to socialize with others becomes a particular…
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How to Escape from a Bad Date by Piven et al (297-302)Patterns 11th ed
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How to Escape From a Bad Response Essay to the Reading Dating is basically a particular social connection that human individuals enjoy having. When a girl and a boy reach a particular age when he or she begins to form a particular attention towards the opposite gender. The need to socialize with others becomes a particular recommendation on the ideal growth that a person needs to be socially absorbed in the community that they are living along with.
Basically, though, although dating may be exciting as it may seem, it could not be denied that dating could also be a practical source of fear from many especially if it is their first time to go out with someone from the opposite gender. Likely, the idea is that young individuals would want to have the perfect date every time they would get out with someone they treat to be a special someone in their lives. The importance of dating makes a particular developmental impact on the personality of any individual engaging in such social relations. This is why it is important to assure that each one does not bring about shame towards those that are involved in the relationship establishment.
However, it could not be denied that there are dates that bring about shame to one. What if it happens that a person dates someone that is the perfect opposite of what he or she expected to be, and somewhat even worse at some point? This is when the need to escape from a bad date comes in.
The reading written by Piven, Borgenicht and Worrick provides a proper set of guidelines that would give dating partners the best chance of moving away from bad dates that are bound to bring about particular shameful experiences in the past that would likely give them lesser chances of experiencing better levels of self-confidence later on. Getting away from a bad date experience though need not be harsh on the part of those who would be left alone in the date. The reading on this matter written by the authors mentioned above creatively advices several strategies on the part of the one wanting to end the date to move about the process in a less shaming way with respect to the one that is to be left on.
The writers of the book were likely able to find better approaches to provide essential guidelines and points of important issues that need to be given attention to when one naturally wants to move away from a particular dating tragedy. This was likely because of the fact that the writers were able to base their informative advices from their own experiences making the entire reading not only informative but also entertaining in many ways.
Certainly, the use of proper lingo for the target audience of the reading material made the entire piece efficient enough in sending the readers the message that the writers would likely want to give. Making a good position as to how the one wanting to get away from a tragic date need not be hurtful on the other partner gives a practical way of being able to move away from the situation without actually affecting the emotions of the other in a negative way and at best times become a friend to the other.
Pivet, et al. (2001). How to Escape from a Bad Date. Patterns For College Writing 11th edition pgs 297-302. Read More
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