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Dissertation Proposal to be done on same topic as other proposals and previous orders - Essay Example

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The study intends to determine what the most common reasons why high school students with disabilities drop out are. Because of the focus on…
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Dissertation Proposal to be done on same topic as other proposals and previous orders
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Download file to see previous pages In this way, this study leans towards the end goal of making high school special education students stay in school.
Receiving a high school diploma is extremely important to an American’s chances at achieving professional success. This is because Americans’ financial stability and professional achievement have always been mostly dependent on the education they have received (Shore, 2003). Higher education is something that highly enhances the number of opportunities one receives in the professional world and a high school diploma is almost always a prerequisite in being able to climb up the ladder to career success. This fact is augmented by the increasingly competitive market and the ongoing recession that has made getting job a lot harder. As a result, high school dropouts are faced with the negative ramifications of noncompletion throughout the rest of their lives, which includes unemployment and even a prison sentence as they might confront their financial difficulties with criminal activities (Rumberger, 2003). This contributes to “a pattern of increased economic marginalization for those Americans with the least education” (Shore, 2003).
Dropping out оf high ѕchool restricts oneѕ options аnd labor market opportunities in an economic climate that is becoming more and more advanced and comples; hence, high school noncompletion prompts serious negative conѕequenceѕ for both thе individual аnd ѕociety in termѕ оf financial ability and future productivity (Ѕtrothеr, 2006). These negative ramifications of high school noncompletion are further augmented when it comes to students with disabilities as their disabilities already act as a hindrance that closes many doors of opportunities. Furthermore, statistics show that the dropout rates of special education high school students are at least double and at the most triple that of regular students (Blackorby and Wagner, 2006; deBettencourt, Zigmond and Thornton, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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