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W6 - Essay Example

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In the contemporary marketplace, it is important for manufacturing industries to ensure that they produce quality products that are acceptable in the highly competitive situation. A conflictive situation between quality and manufacturing may arise due to the current trends in…
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Download file to see previous pages It takes a relatively long time to accomplish the objectives of quality assurance, and to ascertain that the manufactured goods are within the accepted standards. On the other hand, the main objectives of manufacturing are to reduce the cost of production and factory expenditures and increase the output within the minimum period of time (Thompson 2003). Quality assurance is therefore seen as a factor that can reduce the desired output due to the time it consumes.
Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of establishing new methods of designing, producing, selling and distributing products. Automated data collection technology is used by many industries in order to ensure that products conform to the accepted International Standards of Quality while maintaining the manufacturing throughput (Perrow 1967). Failure to adhere to quality standards may lead to reduced marketability of manufactured goods. Throughput in this case is the amount of good quality products produced over a short period of time.
Miles and Snow (1978) postulated that the manner in which industries decide to deal with the problem of market share management, manufacturing problem as well as the managerial problem, determines its strategies. My organization uses the strategies of defender organizations. It is usually faced with the problem of managing its market share. However the operating environment has turned out to be stable, which is one of the factors required by such organizations in order for them do perform well. It has measures for enhancement of cost leadership which helps in solving the entrepreneurship issues. It specializes in one area of production, manufacturing consumer goods only, whereby it focuses on the down market which is well established, and helps it to accomplish the objective of offering products at low prices. It accomplishes efficiency through maintaining vertical integration.
The organization maintains centralized operations, official procedures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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W6 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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