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Performance management is defined as a “strategic and integrated approach of increasing the effectiveness of organizations by improving the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors,” (Armstrong 2001:…
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People Development
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Download file to see previous pages t and uninterrupted process that expands, communicates and facilitates the prospective path, core competencies and principles of an organization, and assists to construct a perspective of understanding.
Performance management attempts to find out who or what provides valuable performance with regard to organizational strategy and goals, and guarantees that performance is effectively and efficiently accomplished. Thus, performance management is an integrated scheme that guarantees that the following are instigated and performed: (a) goal-setting of the organization, team and individuals; (b) performance evaluation system; (c) incentive policies and designs; (d) training and development policies and schemes; (e) communication, performance feedback and mentoring; (f) individual planning for career advancement; (g) systems for monitoring the value of performance management mechanism and processes (Tovey & Uren 2006).
Even though the critiques of performance management do hold reliable proof as to the loopholes of the system, other experts assert that the constructive features of performance management considerably overshadow flawed features. Alternatively, an investigation of the constructive features as suggested by pioneers of performance management system is indispensable. The following are the claimed advantages of an efficiently monitored and executed performance management system: (a) enhanced employee job performance; (b) prospective employees for development are classified; (c) planning for potential human resource needs is expanded; (d) organizational goals are attained; (e) boosted morale; (f) superior customer satisfaction; (g) an unambiguous connection between performance and compensation is realized; (h) a competitive leverage is acquired; (i) enhanced quality of management (Armstrong 2000).
The knack for managing and leading employees and encouraging them to perform at their best does not arise effortlessly, nor is it stagnant. A superior performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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