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Understand the roles of health disciplines - Essay Example

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This is not only a question of cost involved but the population is demanding quality and efficient services within a short period of time. The pressure is getting intense for the…
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Understand the roles of health disciplines
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Download file to see previous pages Interdisciplinary approach refers to a combination of a number of technologies, professions, departments in industry or business. It is a model favored and used to solve some of the complex problems in the modern society. In health care the approach has seen an improvement of patient satisfaction, reduction in costs and morbidity (Allen and Nora, 2006). It also enhances relationships between various professionals in addition to overall satisfaction of the employees. Nevertheless there are a number of challenges including administrative constraints, lack of leadership etc but these difficulties cannot last a life time as efforts to try and educate the people early enough would effectively address these challenges.
In order to solve some of the complex problems in the society there have been attempts to forge relationship between the various disciplines (Fleming, 2009). In the past, knowledge was perceived as whole but soon various disciplines started to gain individuality with each claiming to have a particular set of requirements, language and rules. However with time the various professions realize the importance of cooperation primarily to tackle complex problems and situations in the society. A multidisciplinary approach is whereby several disciplines are involved in solving societal problems. The individual disciplines do not lose their distinctiveness. One discipline known as the root discipline incorporates other disciplines to solve a problem. This means perspectives being shared are meant for the service of the root discipline (McGregor, 2004). On the other hand interdisciplinary approach allows for interaction between two or more disciplines. In this approach knowledge is transferred between disciplines as the group share assumptions and approaches for a better understanding of a problem. The end result is getting solutions to complex problems in society and the enhancement of views and perspectives of the various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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