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Note Cards - Essay Example

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Paraphrase: more than 800,000 patients are queuing for hospital care in Britain, while in Canada people usually have to wait seventeen weeks to see a specialist after having obtained a referral from their doctor (Fleming, 2006)
Paraphrase and Quote: People who may not have…
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Note Cards
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"Note Cards"

Download file to see previous pages Paraphase: According to Hammond (2002) it will take until 2024 before Britain can attain the same staffing levels as Europe, thus existing staff are ridiculously overburdened. (as cited in Fleming, 2006)
Paraphrase: that this shortage has resulted in almost twenty percent of Canadians having trouble locating a doctor, together with a lack of other health professionals such as radiologists, psychiatrists and obstetricians. He further stated that almost two thirds of family doctors are refusing or limiting new patients. (Fleming, 2006)
Paraphrase: The lack of doctors and nurses in Canada is quickly reaching crisis point; in 2004, one hospital in Vancouver was forced to farm out almost a thousand patients because of a shortage of nurses and in 2006 another hospital had to cease all surgery for over a week because of a lack of nurses (Fleming, 2006).
Paraphrase and quote: The lack of equipment in Britain has “reduced availability and eroded quality” and in Canada over fifty percent of equipment is outdated and only when it no longer functions, is it replaced (Fleming, 2006).
Paraphrase: In Canada, doctors are not able to work properly because of inadequate availability time of operating rooms, and the limitations placed on the number of patients they can operate on means that those deemed not crucial often have to wait years before receiving surgery. (Fleming, 2006)
Paraphrase: a study conducted by Alter, Naylor, Austin, Chan and Tu in 2003, wherein thirty percent more people living in Alberta were able to receive heart surgery than those living in Prince Edward Island. Another study undertaken by Pilote et al. in 2004, found that in Nova Scotia patients have to wait three weeks longer for heart surgery after a heart attack, than those living in Alberta. People living in the north of England are more liable to die of cancer then those living in the south of England; those living in the north are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Note Cards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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