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This paper presents the analysis of action plans which were undertaken by few health care organizations as far as recruitment and retention of nurse anesthesia faculties are concerned; and as an offshoot to the current nursing and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)…
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BHS 499 (Computer & Information Systems) Module 4 SLP
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Assessment of Proposed Projects ASSESSMENT OF PROPOSED PROJECTS IN HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION This paper presents the analysis of action plans which were undertaken by few health care organizations as far as recruitment and retention of nurse anesthesia faculties are concerned; and as an offshoot to the current nursing and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) faculty shortage. The said issue was discussed in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Journal on February of 2007. The authors enumerated the primary reasons for nursing faculty shortage that includes (Starnes-Ott & Kremer, 2007): The were too limited qualified nursing faculty who can teach students seeking to enroll in nursing; most of the present nursing faculty members are aging (around 50- to 54 years of age); there is inadequate pool of younger faculty; the lack of emphasis or focus on teaching educational principles in line with the strict clinical, didactic and research curricula of majority of the masters and doctoral programs; faculties in nursing have ineffective and diluted role expectations which are aggravated by tremendous role-related stress; new faculty members, the desire to be successful in all facets of academe; there is lack of competitiveness in salaries related to the clinical sector; too few nursing faculty members are prepared for doctoral programs; there is high faculty workload, lack of qualified applicants and less faculty are willing teach clinical courses as well as to conduct research.
Therefore, in relation to the above-mentioned nursing issues on the difficulty to recruit and retain nursing educators, the AANA Education Committee made some actions or interventions and integrated it in the strategic plans. The organization made some leadership changes which included some elements of faculty, administrative, financial, political as well as perception concerns. The team also conducted a web-based survey on CRNA faculty recruitment and retention in January 2006 in order to evaluate professional needs of nursing faculties, basis for a
Assessment of Proposed Projects 2
development workshops and other development programs. The results of the survey (Starnes-Ott & Kremer, 2007) revealed that if the needs of most faculty members will be ranked accordingly, there concern is much directed towards the need for assistance in order for them to prepare for the doctoral programs, an innovative instruction like distance learning and human patient simulation and development of the curriculum.
The above findings are not very surprising, in fact, other researchers have sought the same information at different clinical and educational settings worldwide. The expressed needs of most nursing faculties simply imply that any proposed plan for faculty development programs must be designed and should emphasize that re-building and strengthening Nursing educational institutions must initially attempt to bolster the Nursing educational infrastructure by increase funds for nursing education, scholarships, endowments and federal grants as well as appropriations. The institutions should also establish a post-graduate nursing residency program which is standardized. The administration must intensify the support of nursing orientation, in-service trainings and continuing education in both classroom-based and clinical setting.
Funding (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, 2008) is also important for development of simulation based clinical skills teaching facilities, submitting annual applications according to priorities. Funding should also be distributed according to: The number of full time undergraduate and graduate (the early postgraduates, overseas trained nurses, specialist trainees, and nurses returning to their profession) and documented need for the simulation based teaching equipment. Finally, it is necessary that every healthcare institution should market Nursing Profession as a palatable and a rewarding career as much as possible. But prior to this action, institutions should see to it that they are able to establish financial incentives
Assessment of Proposed Projects 3
as they invest in Nursing; create new federal monies which are available for health care organizations in order to invest in nursing services.
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, (2008) Health Care at the
crossroads: Strategies for addressing the evolving nursing crisis. Publication Manual of the
Starnes-Ott, K, & Kremer, M. J., Recruitment and retention of nurse anesthesia faculty: Issues and
strategies. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists Journal.75:1, p 4. Read More
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