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How to Keep A Good Job - Essay Example

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There are four main steps that an employee would need to undertake which prove to be very helpful and successful in keeping up the job.
a) Having a Perspective: It is essential to have a…
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How to Keep A Good Job
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"How to Keep A Good Job"

Download file to see previous pages Hence having a perspective is good, however keeping a few things to oneself is better for the period that the individual is at the job.
b) Do not Excel at the Job nor underperform: At a job it is best not to try to excel, this is because it will cause unnecessary attention and talks in the office. Same is the case with underperformance. Hence it is best to keep a low profile and complete the job in hand at time and keep up with all the jobs that have been assigned.
c) Make a Clear Decision: Making a clear decision as to the choice of wither staying or leaving the job needs to be planned and well decided. There is nothing worse than being on the edge and not being able to decide whether to stay or leave the job. This will only lead the person to show low performance and also unprofessional behaviour. It is however better if the plan is clear and if a person des want to leave the job, it is best to provide the employers with the notice and work professionally until the last day of the job to leave the place with a good name (MPR News, 2008). Also in some cases taking time out and thinking about the factors that affect the job is a good option rather than just jumping to conclusions.
d) Be happy with the Job and No Complaints: In the current period having a job is a very great thing. It is essential that employees understand this and also do not complain about their job or the work that is involved in the job. It is always better to keep what one feels to themselves rather than sharing the issues within the office. At the current time the employers are not interested in the hearing the issues of the employees as the current economy is already quite taxing especially for the management.
e) Being Content with the job and the salary: In the current period if one needs to keep the job it is essential to be content with the salary and to cope up with all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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