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Module 3 - Essay Example

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They form the body of any writing. It is these individuals that provide any writing with the soul and essence required to make the fictional piece take on a whole new edge. Characters are the heart and soul of…
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Module 3
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Extract of sample "Module 3"

Download file to see previous pages The story is about the son of a man who is a potential arsonist: setting barns on fire. This story is built of a number of characters including Abner the father, Sarty the son and the rest of the family: wife and daughters along with the people this family come in contact with. However, Faulkner uses Barn Burning to be a story that concentrates on the opinion of Sarty Snopes. Though this article is not written from the viewpoint of the character himself, there are certain moments throughout the story that divulge the reader with his emotions. With such a multitude of characters it is impossible for the reader to be unable to gain a true gist of what the story portrays. The concentration on Abner’s character allows a deep understanding of humanity and the instinct which compels each individual to develop an attachment to family. In Barn Burning, Abner is a dark influence on his young son. The protagonist forces his child to delve in a loyalty so deep, that injustice and sin are ignored in the process of protecting one’s own family. The story develops as Sarty begins to see the evil obstacle created by his father in his own growth. His constant belief that the father will change “Maybe he has done satisfied now, now that he has” However, in the end, the child is forced to give up his loyalty as a sense of righteousness sinks in. Though this confession leads to disastrous consequences, following the death of the very man Sarty has been ardently protecting, the judgment seems to shatter the young man who “He got up….He did not look back.” Thus, Barn Burning is an evident portrayal of family and the human mind that delves to protect the sacred bond. It also shows the dire consequence that follows when this bond is broken.
The Chrysanthemums is another story which concentrates on the importance of character to a story. In this story, the main subject of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Module 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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