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Social psychology: group influence - Essay Example

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Social facilitation is one of the oldest topics of Social psychology. Social facilitation is a phenomenon that describes the effect on the…
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Social psychology: group influence
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Download file to see previous pages The reason is that the human beings are usually very conscious about the judgment of others. If an unskilled person is performing a complex task and at the same time is conscious about that he/she is being watched by other people, he/she would surely be confused. Thinking capability will adversely be affected resulting to an inferior type of performance. They know the fact that they are not alone but are being watched by other people and are under the audience effect. During any type of performance, the psychological variables of a human being such as beliefs, feelings and behaviors etc. depend upon the external situation. While doing a simple and easy task all alone, a person’s thinking power will accelerate and produce the best results. The same person performing in a group, under the eyes of others will find his/her feelings somewhat disturbed yielding a decrease in the efficiency and performance. According to physiologist and psychologists we are aroused in the presence of others due to some physical and psychological changes in our bodies. The brain’s neurotransmitter system and the glandular system of our body are stimulated by the presence of others. The response is expressed in the form of an increased heart beat and blood pressure making us more attentive and mobile. (Innes, 1993)
Social loafing is a term that represents a phenomenon in which people struggle at a low level when they work in a group as compared to when they try to achieve their goal individually. Individual exerts less effort in a group especially when the task is of such a nature that individual contribution cannot be identified. Although social loafing is a prevalent practice during group tasks but in case the team members realize the complexity and importance of the assignment or of the team itself, they avoid social loafing and exert a great effort on their task. Social loafing is exhibited and promoted in every day life when the group members feel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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