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A cone calorimeter was used to test the inflammability of three different materials -green carpet, blue carpet and underlay to evaluate the differences if any between their properties by subjecting them to different levels of heat fluxes and measuring end parameters like the…
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Download file to see previous pages Although conclusive comparison data was not obtained, it was discovered that the blue carpet samples produced the maximum damage.
Fire hazards are a stark reality in the modern world due to the use of multifarious natural and synthetic construction materials. Evaluation of such materials is therefore of utmost importance to design a fire safety protocol for a prospective new construction as well as for the evaluation of preexisting buildings and materials. The flammability of a material depends upon its chemical composition and the availability of oxygen. Post-fire investigations also need some analytical tool for the forensic investigation to evaluate the extent as well as the cause of damage due to fire. Cone calorimeter is presently considered the best technological tool available for the evaluation and assessment of any material’s reaction to fire. In any physical or chemical reaction if the elements being used up and the products obtained if measured can yield pertinent data about the properties of the substance under study. Cone calorimetry similarly employs the principle of oxygen consumption to determine the net heat of combustion of any organic material. In this experiment, a Cone calorimeter was used to determine the net heat of combustion of three experimental materials – ‘Blue Carpet, Green Carpet and Underlay2’
Based upon the above principle, three materials, a piece of Blue carpet, Green carpet and an Underlay were selected for evaluation of various parameters like the heat of combustion, ignition time and the amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and smoke produced. The heat released during combustion of a measured weight piece of any of the above three materials was determined by measuring the amount of oxygen consumed in burning the product in a specified period of time.
The Cone Calorimeter is a specialized apparatus which consists of a radiant heater in the shape of a cone. The specimen to be tested is set on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words - 1.
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