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Engreeing desing - Essay Example

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The reaction is accompanied by release of heat, gas fumes and light. The chemical reaction resulting to the production of fire is as shown below;
This rule stipulates that…
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Engreeing desing
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Download file to see previous pages Safe escape route are provided in all points of a building and directs people to a safe place without any assistance from the fire fighting team or from the people outside.
The most important reason for performing fire test is to determine whether or not the fire suppression system meets the minimum requirement as set by different building codes and legislation. Tests are done by companies holding international accreditation and certification
It is important to perform more than one experiment to actually proof that the installed product will not fail in times of fire. Conducting of one experiment may give conflicting results that may indicate that the product is ok but another test may reveal the fire fighting product will not work.
This is the process by which the fire rapidly spreads or climbs up an inclined surface. The trench effects are caused by the flash over concept and the Coanda effect. The flash over effects is a condition that occurs when a fire spreads on a surface rapidly due to the surface emitting flammable gases hot enough to ignite themselves.
The Coanda effect is the tendency of fast moving stream of air to deflect towards the surface nearby it. This is because the fast moving streams of air tend to experience a decrease in static pressure that creates a pressure difference between the areas far from the wall as well as the wall itself
The flammability limit gives the proportion of combustible gases in a mixture between which the mixture is flammable. The flammability limit is also referred to as the explosive limit. There are two extremes defined by the lower flammable limit and the upper flammable limit.
The highest flammable limit: this limit describes the richest flammable mixture. Adjustment is done to the flammable gases mixture to either increase the lowest flammable mixture or reduce the highest flammable mixture. Inert gas are used for flammability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engreeing Desing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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