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Are US policies toward the Middle East likely to succeed Discuss with relation to to either democratization or Iran - Essay Example

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Although the issue of US-Iranian relations has been in the news since the days of the late Shah Reza Pahlavi, the US decision to invade…
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Are US policies toward the Middle East likely to succeed Discuss with relation to to either democratization or Iran
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"Are US policies toward the Middle East likely to succeed Discuss with relation to to either democratization or Iran"

Download file to see previous pages he following will discuss Middle Eastern perceptions of American foreign policy and ask the question, are US policies toward the Middle East likely to succeed? Democracy has been at the forefront of stated American ambitions in the region and the decision by the United States to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein in 2003 was perhaps the most controversial event in recent Middle Eastern history. Seen by many as an attempt by the United States to exert its global hegemony and dispose of a dictator not for the benefit of the Iraqi people, nor due to the supposed cache of weapons of mass destruction, but to obtain access to the vast oil resources of Iraq, this invasion is arguably the most controversial aspect of American foreign policy within the past quarter century. The US invasion of Iraq was controversial for a variety of reasons, the not least of which was the fact that the invasion did not first receive United Nations Security Council approval: an important condition in international relations which effectively legitimizes decisive political action. Opinion polls, conducted in the Middle East prior to the invasion by both the British Broadcasting Corporation and global pollster Ipsos Reed, effectively demonstrated how different Arab (and Iranian) perceptions of the War were in comparison to those of Americans (who were divided, albeit less opposed, to the invasion). We now turn to an analysis of unilateralism in the 21t century, the driving force of American foreign policy in the Middle East since the attacks of September 11, 2001 (Reynolds 2008).
According to Drake University Professor of Politics and International Relations, David Skidmore, American unilateralism developed into an explicit and implicit policy of the present Bush Administration since the aftermath of September 11th 2001. Although the United States, historically committed to multilateralism, collective decision-making and international rules of law, has rejected foreign policy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are US Policies Toward the Middle East Likely to Succeed Discuss With Essay.
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Iran Revolution threat to Middle East and weapons than Iran.96 From the Western perspective, nuclear-armed Iran would challenge the US hegemony in the Middle East and would be more intimidated in expanding its hegemony over the Persian Gulf countries. It might demand the Arab Gulf States to close down the US military bases on their own soils, or it would support the terrorist organizations in the Persian Gulf.97 Moreover, if Iran had acquired nuclear weapons, countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Turkey would be encouraged to join the nuclear club too. Saudi Arabia has declared that it will acquire nuclear weapons if...
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Critically assess the impact of either the US, Israel or Iran on the regional politics of the Middle East middle east and the Arab-Israel conflict, they push harder for the resolution of conflict by pressurizing Israel and this creates adverse tension on the US-Israel relations (Sharp 2006). The US believes that by containing the Arab-Israel conflict, it will succeed in weakening Iran’s proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah as well as easier mobilization of the Sunni Arab world against Iran thus facilitating a less toxic atmosphere in the Middle East. America for a long time have accused of favoring Israel and trying to weaken legitimacy of the Arab world regimes. Israel view that an...
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...?US foreign policy in the Middle East U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East have always been defined by its national security and economic intereststhat includes containing terror groups, access to Middle East oil, checking regional hegemonic powers and prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Prior to 9/11, US foreign policy can be categorized as passive by making alliances and cajoling and pleading its leaders to make peace. After 9/11 terror attack in the US, foreign policy in the Middle East transformed dramatically by using military might to assert itself and shift the balance of power to its favor. President Obama may be less “cavalier” than his predecessor Bush but his employment of military assets... of the...
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...“opened political space for USA initiative in relation to regional restructuring, including with regard to the Arab-Israel relationship” (Amirahmadi p.66). The observation here is that USA foreign policy for Middle East was cemented by the outcomes of the war; and since the USA and other western countries lost the war, then possibly the foreign policy towards the region would have changed henceforth. Therefore, from these historical evidences, it becomes clear that USA foreign policy towards Middle East will continue to be on the USA foreign agenda and the context of the...
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...that sanctions have. Mounting evidence point out that these 30 year old sanctions are continually hurting Iran (Jackson 79). The United States foreign policy should continue to promote mediation in the volatile Israeli-Palestine region. The United States should be seen as unbiased in their actions and position, in the conflict. Both Israel and Palestine should be encouraged to sign more peace treaties and to work out a solution for the volatile Gaza strip, which is the main cause of violence in the area. Militant groups from both sides should be disarmed by their respective governments and encouraged to maintain peace (Snyder 112). The general US policy on the...
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...territories. Military organizations such as Hamas were established as a response to the Israeli discriminatory authority. The Palestinians respond to this discrimination by launching attacks on Israeli territories. Military organizations such as Hamas were established as a response to the Israeli discriminatory authority. In conclusion, water is the main factor that caused the conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinian. Middle East is a desert region and therefore the population mainly depends on underground water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Since the creation of the state of Israel, Israel officials have been accused of discrimination in distributing water...
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Democratization in the Middle East a result of political instability and fluctuations in oil prices (Halbert, 2012). Other factors inhibiting on democracy in the Middle East include interference by the US that seems to have a vested interest in the region. The presence of the US troops in these countries has led to instability and democratisation cannot be achieved. In summary, evaluating the prospects of democratisation in the Middle East is a difficult task. One should be cautious of generalising the modern protests and the reforms that they bring about. Furthermore, it can be concluded that most monarchies in the Middle East...
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...this region from many other countries where religion has just begun to play important role. Sectarian clashes form one example of how religious beliefs and concerns permeate Iraqi foreign policies. This is because international relations of Iraq with other Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon, Egypt, and Iran have always been strained due to division of followers into Sunni and Shia branches. Also, the closer policymakers happen to be to religion, the stricter their policies and international relations are for those countries which support or tolerate anti-Islam forces. For example, Israel is considered a strong...
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...countries were urged by Iraq to shun Egypt in support of Palestinian Muslims (Alam 43). Iraqi government itself decided to boycott all those “Egyptian companies which dealt with Zionist establishments” (Alam 43). Syria’s Foreign policy for Israel According to (Walker, Stephen, and Malici and Akan 115), religion is the dominant and most influential ideology on both social and political levels in Middle East. While Sunni Islam is dominant in most Middle East states, Syria is strongly influenced by Shia Islam. In this case, experts argue that Syria supports international policies will always seek to defend the religious outfit Shia...
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