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The investigation in the effect of the Country of Origin towards Consumer perception of luxury brand product; case study of Thai consumer - Essay Example

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CHAPTER2: LITERATURE REVIEW 2 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Country of Origin – the Concept 3 3.0 Consumer Behaviour and COO 5 4.0 COO and Brand Values 6 5.0 COO and Image of a Country 8 7.0 Country Image and Marketing 10 8.0 COO and Brand Image 12 9.0 Consumer Behaviour and…
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The investigation in the effect of the Country of Origin towards Consumer perception of luxury brand product; case study of Thai consumer
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Extract of sample "The investigation in the effect of the Country of Origin towards Consumer perception of luxury brand product; case study of Thai consumer"

Download file to see previous pages There are actually several issues involved here; the place of manufacture, the brand and the company; and it is the individual preference or an image that is the combination of one or more or all that matters in consumer perception and therefore the influence of one or all these factors is what is broadly considered as the cognitive value. The literature review will therefore cover all these aspects and a few more in order to understand the implication that is termed as the COO effect on purchase decisions. Sometimes the preference of the customer is narrower and in that sense he or she prefers goods produced within the home country for reasons of superiority or quality. In such cases it is termed as ethnocentricity and this becomes a reason for negativity towards COO. In other cases the patronage of the home country products is due to the perception that it weakens the economy and it is a show of unpatriotic behaviour to prefer goods produced elsewhere. This brings in the concept of economic nationalism. This too aids the negativity towards COO. This review will cover these features as well to understand how COO is used by both the consumer and the company and how they finally influence purchase decisions. The research objective of the paper is to resolve this issue in relation to the luxury items, more specifically to the Thai consumer’s attitude towards the Long Champ brand handbag manufactured in France and China; significantly of the three factors of 25Country of origin including Brand image, Country of Origin of Manufacture and Country of origin of Brand.  Due to globalization and liberalisation the worldwide market of all goods, including the luxury items, has crossed national boundaries and has posed various problems for companies. Consumer behaviour is the driver of demand and this literature review will undertake ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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