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TCP Strategic management. Stakeholders - Case Study Example

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This paper aims to identify the relevant categories of stakeholders of a company usually depends on the planned change or activities that give rise to certain parties to protect some interests. For Zeltia, the stakeholders are identified in relation to a certain activity of the…
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TCP Strategic management. Stakeholders
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Download file to see previous pages er-high interest, those who are more directly involved in treating the disease such as cancer experts, medical professionals, consumers and cancer advocacy groups are included. Public investors of Zeltia, as well as J&J, the companys co-venturer, as well as creditors of Zeltia, and US policy makers, with their economic and political powers are included in the high power-low interest quadrant. The key players, or stakeholders that fall under the high power-high interest quadrant include the US FDA, joint venture partners J&J and Janssen Cilag, Zeltias key research team as well as the major shareholders and board of directors.
For Zeltia, the following are the categories of stakeholders, or groups with interest to the companys decision of introduction of Yondelis ® as a drug for ovarian cancer. These stakeholders are identified according to their interests and power as apparent in the recent articles that tackle the developments concerning this decision of the company.
Zeltia is a publicly-listed company in the Stocks Exchange in Spain (Grupo Zeltia 2008). A publicly-held company has a fiduciary relationship with its investors, where under some laws it is required to disclose many of its activities which could impact the value of the company. Therefore, public investors, or investors who invest in Zeltias stocks through the stock market are a group of stakeholders for the company. The public investors at large determines the dynamics that affect the stock price of the company, hence, the companys market value (Carroll 2009).
As apparent in the companys annual report (Grupo Zeltia 2008, note 13), part of the companys financing includes debt. The companys debt has long-term as well as short-term debts, loans, short-term interest accrued, and financial leases. Another group of stakeholders for Zeltia include the creditors. These include the banks, the suppliers, and other financial institutions that provide loan to the company, or in any case where the financing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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