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Biological psychology - Essay Example

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In front of the eye, a small hole is present which is called pupil. The light enters through this hole and is focused on retina, which is a camera film like structure. Lens of the eye focuses the images from different distances on…
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Biological psychology essay
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"Biological psychology"

Download file to see previous pages Seeing is a process which enables a person to see things of this world around him/her. To see is a natural God gifted phenomenon. One gets benefits and enjoys the environment. During this phenomenon, the patterns of light are projected on our retinas by the objects. From the scientific view, vision is a complex process. The image is encoded in the retina. The retina goes through some important processes and then reaches to the stage of recognizing an object or personality or anything else. Actually it is the object that reflects light from its background and the luminant boundaries in the retinal image are formed. This is a useful starting point in the spatial vision and is performed by an important group of retinal cells, the ganglion cells. (Jenkin, 1994)
Spatial vision is that branch of psychology/biology that deals with the study of interpretation of light patterns on the retina by the visual system. This is a new interdisciplinary approach and is also called as vision sciences. This field of science integrates psychological, computational, neuro-scientific perceptions and the visual brain knowledge. Rods and cons of the eye are photoreceptor in nature and transduce light into electrical impulses inside our nerve fibers. Both types of cells are interdependent to each other. Not only a discrete area of human cognition is involved in spatial vision, but various other areas are also taking part in this two sided/faceted relation. The spatial perception influences and is influenced. (DeValois & Russell L., 1990)
The field of visually perceived space introduces the knowledge of scientific psychology. In the current era, its importance is at a great rise. A keen interest is being shown by the biologists and psychologists. They are busy conducting an active research in this most important scientific knowledge. The visual space is usually described in terms of conscious experiences. Wagner (2006) stated that visual space is exposed by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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