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Statistics characteristics for judging global motion direction - Research Paper Example

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Psychophysical valuations are neurological studies that tend to elaborate that the mental processes regarding making in the middle area of the temporal cortex are dependent on the statistical characteristics of the stimuli. Physiological studies on the other hand explain that…
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Statistics characteristics for judging global motion direction
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Download file to see previous pages The different aspects of physiological studies such as the maximum likelihood were analyzed in relation to the psychometrics such as mean and modal.
However, in the psychophysical studies, the specific perception of the stimuli is determined in the in terms of its statistical characteristics. Different aspects of the central tendencies have different impact on the perception of the global motion. The mode, the mean and the covariance tend to influence the motion perception direction distinctively. There is therefore need to examine and characterize the best central tendency estimator of the global motion.
The specific procedure in the Webb et al (2007) experiments entails subjecting observer s to the observation and differentiating global motion of the random dot kinematograms that consisted of the asymmetrically distributed and significantly determines the central tendency.
The brain is entirely dependent upon sensory neurons in making of the daily decisions in any organism. The brain executes the role of perception by integrating the neurons from different single neurons, a process referred to as pooling of neurons. The sensory networks are derivable from cerebral cortex and employed in decision-making strategy at the advanced stages of perception. The early stages of the sensory pathway remains clearly documented. However, the current studies entail the determination of the mechanism of giving stable and precise decisions by the decision networks of the cortex.
As explained earlier studies, there have been two approaches in this study. The most documented study is the physiological studies, which bases its approach in the complicated structure of the middle aspects of the temporal lobe of the visual cortex. The MT is fundamental to the perception of the visual motion. The stimuli from the eye of an observer is tuned ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Statistics Characteristics for Judging Global Motion Direction Research Paper.
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