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Comprehensive Protection Plan - Essay Example

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The scientific and technological innovation facilitated human race to have a giant leap towards development but it also paved the way for wide spread of international terrorist plots and attacks. The global spread of terrorism created an atmosphere of uncertainty over individual…
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Comprehensive Protection Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Here is an attempt to create an Emergency plan to protect the client during a terrorist attack. Thesis statement: How to create an Emergency plan which includes Safety and security measures, to protect the client during a terrorist attack.
The threat from terrorism is intruding into the sphere of personal life; the importance of appropriate planning to protect the client during a terrorist attack acquires more significance and scope. In the U.S., several agencies which provide personalized protection to their clients. From the perspective of a personal protection agent, communication with the client, his/ her personal security and transportation facilities is crucial to protect the same. First of all, communication with the client is essential. As the terrorist organizations had acquired organizational skills and sophisticated forms of arms and ammunition, the duty of the personal protection agent is becoming more crucial and critical. During a terrorist attack/insurgency, sharing techniques and security measures related to inter-personal and intra-personal communication is essential. But, during an attack, there is less chance to share all the information related to personal security. So, one must keep all available sources of communication at one’s reach because a terrorist attack can happen at any place, any time. Besides, training sessions and mock- drills can equip a client (from the perspective of a personal security agent) to keep oneself away from an unforeseen terrorist attack. David S. Katz and Ilan Caspi in the work-‘Executive’s Guide to Personal Security’ makes clear that: “Employees of the U.S. federal government and their dependents have an advantage; they receive at least some training regarding personal security matters.”(Katz & Caspi, 2003, p.xiv). So, the training provided by the federal government/ personal security agencies help one to have clear cut idea about different security ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comprehensive Protection Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
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