Managing risk in construction project in developing countriess Ghana - Essay Example

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This research intends to analyse the risks related to the construction sector in developing countries like Ghana . The…
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Managing risk in construction project in developing countriess Ghana
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Download file to see previous pages t the major risks associated with the construction sector include risks logistical delays , political influences , extensive procedures for approval , improper construction designs , financial constraints , etc . To study the impact of these risks on the construction projects in Ghana , a quantitative survey has been conducted . The data collected by the quantitative questionnaire , has been statistically analysed . The statistical measure used for the analyses include mean , tally , histogram and pearson’s correlation . The software tools used in the research include Excel spread sheet for data representation and MINITAB for statistical analyses . Based on the results of the statistical analyses , the research has suggested a set of strategies for risk management in the construction projects in Ghana .
I --------------------------------------- , wish to acknowledge the following personnel who gave their valuable assistance and guidance for me to complete this research work successfully . Without their cooperation , the development of this research and publication would have been difficult
I -------- wish to dedicate this research work Based on the Risk Management in Construction projects in developing countries like Ghana , to my --------------- who had always been my ----------------- and I also dedicate this research work for the benefit of the people involved in the construction sector .
The history of the construction industry dates back to many centuries , when human beings left the caves and started living in houses . The architectural and engineering aspects of the construction industry started emerging since the construction of the pyramids . Construction could be described as a process of building the infrastructure and involves a fleet of multi tasked activities . Any construction project includes the involvement of design engineers , architects , civil engineers , project mangers , etc . The successful completion of any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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