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PSY420: Human Motivation Final Exame - Essay Example

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Fear is a strong component of human motivation. Explain the numerous roles of fear in both positive and negative impact situations on human motivation you have studied this term. Be specific and cite all references in correct APA style (5th edition). Create real-life examples…
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PSY420: Human Motivation Final Exame
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Download file to see previous pages Social needs can be sources of fear. Esteem needs and self-actualization also has factors of fear. The higher the need, fear is not as essential. Fear motivates humans to survive. Motivation is defined as:
Motivations are the drivers behind setting and pursuing goals. Motivation is why someone wants to do something. Motivation is what arouses and sustains action toward a desired goal. It gives purpose and direction to behavior. (Kolcek 2008)
Two types of fear exist. Real fear and imagined fear are the two types fear can be classified as. Real fear normally comes from an extrinsic or outside source, while imagined fear come from an intrinsic or inside source. It is easier for most to deal with real fear. An example would be if a person does not have food, then the solution is to get food. If Jane does not have a job and needs food, she will make choices to obtain food. These choices could include robbery, getting a job, going to a homeless shelter, and other options. Jane would not starve if options are available. Intrinsic fears are harder to deal with. If a person is frightened of failure, then no amount of reasoning will help them. The only way to overcome this issue is through self actualization or internally.
An example of fear is one for safety needs. John Smith has a deathly fear for his safety. All of John’s physiological needs have been met. John is single and his social needs have suffered due to his fear. Due to his fear for safety, his esteem needs and self actualization has suffered as well. John’s fear is vague and intrinsic. Since he lives in a safe neighborhood and has no instances of violence in his past, his fear is anxiety. Although anxiety feels just as real as other fear, anxiety is usually not due to an extrinsic reason. This fear would be negative, since it impacts the Hierarchy Needs negatively.
Intrinsic fears are often like John’s. They are based on what might happen. Another intrinsic fear is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PSY420: Human Motivation Final Exame Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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