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Whenever there is a need to find about the relationship between the human species, the plants and animals, one hand and various bacteria, virus and fungi; it is the microbiology that guides us through this relationship while throwing light on the study of virus and bacteria. The…
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Download file to see previous pages The study of microbiology also highlights the problems with regard to the biodegrading of toxic and other minerals present in the environment that are harmful to the plants, animals, apart from human beings. While biotechnology seeks to solve the problems faced in medicine, agriculture etc., and the microbiology is its branch that helps in the identification of the virus or fungie responsible for such problems. The study of microbes helps us to study the reactions that occur in higher organisms. Therefore, while studying the molecular level genetic engineering, the contribution of microbes in research for biochemical and molecular genetics has been increasing remarkably....(microbiology)
This pertains to the study of cells and the method of interaction of cellular components that are responsible to promote life processes. While the study of this topic would include the synthesizing of DNA and RNA, it also helps in the research to find the mechanism for differentiation of a single-celled egg into a complex multi-cellular organism. For studying the concepts of biotechnology or genetic engineering, the detailed knowledge of cell and molecular biology is very important. The biologists concerned with this relevant topic use its results and findings to study the principals of protein synthesis, enzymology, organelle structure and function and cell ultra-structure, among other areas.
Speaking in simpler terms the molecular biology is the science that transcribes the genetic material into RNA and then translates it into protein, as this helps us to know the mysteries surrounding this field in a better manner. As most of the work in microbiology can be quantified, we are now witnessing the off-shoot of this in bioinformatics and computational biology as some call these as the interface of this particular topic and the computers....(molecular)
Biological techniques have been taken to such heights that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Biology Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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