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Network Architectures and Operating System implications within Well People NHS Trust - Essay Example

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In pervious few years organizations have thrown around a number of technologies as the response for these challenges on the other hand not any have in use root. A large number of organizations shaped a non-profit association in the year 2001, which is WiMAX Forum, to maintain…
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Network Architectures and Operating System implications within Well People NHS Trust
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Extract of sample "Network Architectures and Operating System implications within Well People NHS Trust"

Download file to see previous pages Computers are dominant tools that assist users to store and carry out functions on huge amounts of data swiftly. Networks are basically a collection of computers linked by cable or other media as a result they can contribute to information and resources with each other (Nash, 2000). This research presents the analysis of the network architectures and operating system implications within Well People NHS Trust. This research presents a detailed analysis of the implementation of the network technology for the establishment of the communication and data transfer facility among distant WP hospitals and division of the Well People NHS Trust (WP).
The implementation of new technology in this era has completely transformed the way of communication and information handling. At the present time, we have better ways of business handling and management. This research is about the incorporation of the network, state-of-the-art communication and communication technology into the health and public welfare sector. This report will streamline the implementation of the databases, communication, network and computer based management technology for the Well People NHS Trust.
This project is initiated by the Well People NHS Trust (WP) that runs the business of the supplying of healthcare to a large population who live in a geographical area of some 60 square miles. The Well People NHS Trust is basically the main provider of the health care facilities in the area. The Well People NHS Trust has responsibility of two hospitals and twelve doctors’ surgeries. Each surgery is staffed by several GP’s together with other healthcare specialists.
Well People NHS Trust has initiated this project for the establishment of the better facilities of the healthcare and treatment of people in the area. This project is aimed at providing a collaborative working environment to the public health. This will also help for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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