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Team - Essay Example

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This idea is mainly because of the certain fact that human beings have their own characteristics of uniqueness and individuality. Thus, human…
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Extract of sample "Team"

Team Building and Human Resource Diversity Humans are significantly made with personal and innate characteristics in them that are completely different and apart from the others. This idea is mainly because of the certain fact that human beings have their own characteristics of uniqueness and individuality. Thus, human beings become existent in their own personal sense with their own identity differing them from others at some point in their innate qualities. In same manner, cultures and social values are also created and develop with likeness to the concept of individuality and uniqueness since they are created by human beings themselves. Social groups of relative similarities functioned and develop them own system of values and accordance making them united in their own concept and apart from the other social groups. Thus with this concept, cultural diversity has predominantly existed as how society themselves strive and develop to the point of their current state.
However, this innate and basically natural concept in the society has been always a massive hindrance for the establishment of social unity and uniformity especially on the principal level of a team. Since the team-building concept’s main agenda is the establishment of a uniting factor and bond among its members, their own personal and cultural diversity has always been a challenge for the said aim. Common problems and challenges such as uniqueness in the dominant language, dissimilarities with social norms and acceptable principles, differences concerning perception and opinions, and others often become a problem in the team-building aspect. In general, diversity produces stratification and division thus unification is being hindered. Indeed, cultural diversity in the aspect of team building is one of its main weaknesses.
However, cultural diversity in a certain team can also serves as its potential strength producing advantages apart from its common disadvantages. Having a culturally diversified group is also beneficial because it can basically cover much more grounds than groups of only single culture. This concept is true because having a multicultural society in a single group will produce more and significantly different opinions and ideas and with the merging of these different ideas, a single group can produce a statement or an idea that is generally valid since it actually addresses point of views from each culture. It is like having a representative from each culture joining together to create a concept that will unify their principles and eliminate their differences. In addition, through having a multicultural group, individuals can actually gain an opportunity to learn from the other and become acquainted with other social groups’ culture. Thus, each one can learn to adapt and relate to each other creating a bond that will transcends their culturally differences.
In a point, building a team with the basic qualities of cultural diversity is indeed a difficult challenge because each member and especially its leaders must be able to eliminate the diversity walls between its people without offending or discriminating as much as a single individual. It is very important that in this aspect, each and everyone must understand the importance of respect for other’s personal culture and their own diversity thus avoiding further complications in the situation like straining the said opportunity. However, the said concept of building a team of multicultural individuals is also a rewarding and an important part of social development of the human beings. Through this course, society can start to bring down the wall that separates them from each other and use the concept of cultural diversity not as their main weakness from conceptualizing social unity but as their potential strength for harmoniously existing as culturally colorful society.
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