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Statutory interpretation - Essay Example

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      Generally constitution of a democracy divides its functional body into three separate categories, namely, legislative, administrative and judiciary. Commonly, legislative body comprises of the politicians, who voice demands of the common people and come with statutes…
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Statutory interpretation
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Extract of sample "Statutory interpretation"

Download file to see previous pages nction of the judiciary is to justify whether a statute contains any such provisions that is violating or can possibly violate the fundamental rights of a common person as it has been enshrined by the constitution of that nation. If judiciary feels that any such provision is present in the statute then it sends it back for required rectification or it may cancel such statute. Additionally, it is the onus of judiciary to see what actually a statute tries to convey and to which extent scope of the statute is expansive so that it can be applied in interpreting the scope of law, while coming up with any judicial decision making process. Due to such capacity of judiciary, in the context of interpreting a statute, statutory interpretation is also referred as “judicial interpretation.” (Maxwell, 1991, p. 1) “Statute law is the will of the Legislature; and the object of all judicial interpretation of it is to determine what intention is either expressly or by implication conveyed by language used, so far as it is necessary for the purpose of determining whether a particular case or state of facts which is presented to the interpreter falls within it. When the intention is expressed, the task is one simply of verbal construction; but when, as occasionally happens, the statute expresses no intention on a question to which it gives rise, and on which some intention must necessarily be imputed to the Legislature, the interpreter has to determine it by inference grounded on legal principles.” (Maxwell, 1991, p. 1)
      Looking at the history of statutory interpretation we find that since the 6th century onwards in the context determining and interpreting application of the law in the society, with the purpose of solving different disputes, the method of statutory interpretation was considered as the most effective way. Roman legal system of the late medieval that has influenced modern system of legal jurisprudence to a great extent also depended over the process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...on Human Rights.3 The judiciary devised a system of rules used for resolving the tensions that arise in interpreting and applying statutes to avoid inconsistencies in law and in the application of a particular statute. The primary rules are the mischief rule, the literary and the golden rule. The judiciary also uses what is referred to as the purposive approach and typically enter the statutory interpretation process based on a set of presumptions.4 This research study analyses how the judiciary uses these rules, presumptions and the purposive approach for maintain consistency in the application of statutes. Presumptions The judiciary applies presumptions to guide them in the...
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Modern Statutory Interpretation overview of the current available data about "statutory interpretation." And then, on the latter part, I will try to present court cases involving statutory interpretation and which interpretation prevailed. The discussion will give me a side that shall be weighed heavily on the conclusive part. The contents of this Essay will include: - Introduction or an overview of the topic; - Body/Main Part which will consist of the discussion; - Main arguments which will include the most basic side of my discussion; - Supporting arguments which will give additional credence to my point; and - Conclusion, which will sum up what I have perceived as the most...
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Statutory interpretation

... Sta y Interpretation Introduction Sta y interpretation is the act or process of interpreting and applying legislation. It is the principles developed by courts for interpreting statutes. ON the other hand it can also be referred to as statutory construction. Sometimes the words of a statute contain have a plain and direct meaning. However in most cases they contain some ambiguity or vagueness in the words of the statute which needs to be resolved by the judge. In this respect various tools and methods of statutory interpretations, including traditional canons of statutory interpretation, legislative history, and purpose are used by the judge to find meanings of statutes. The four rules used for interpretation are the literal rule...
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The Statutory Interpretation as a Tool for the Formulation of the Courts Judgment

...d every year’ (Geldart, 1995, 2). However, the Common Law still remains the basic ‘tool’ for the formulation of the judicial view. In this context, it is stated that ‘no statute, yet prescribes in general terms that a man must pay his debts or perform his contracts or pay damages for trespass or libel or slander’. Under all circumstances, ‘the statutes assume the existence of the Common Law and they would have no meaning except by reference to the Common Law’ (Geldart, 1995, 2) A first step towards the complete presentation of the methods of statutory interpretation is the definition of ‘interpretation’ as it appears and operates in the legal area. In this context the following definition could be applied: ‘interpretation is the activity...
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Statutory Interpretation statutory interpretation may focus upon the kinds of arguments that are likely to succeed in a court of law, approaches from the non legal side include philosophical language and constitutional theory since a different objective is sought to be attained.4 As Bell points out, the legal approach will take into consideration the role of the Judge as an interpreter of the constitution and some presuppositions about how words derive their meaning. Bennion identifies several factors that can create difficulties in interpretation of statutes, such as for example, the use of ambiguous words or unforeseen developments or in some cases where a drafting error may cause literal...
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...Constitutional Interpretation Introduction: The power of constitutional interpretation and the provision of judicial review are important instruments in the hands of modern judiciary and these are used quite effectively in case of solving various issues that are associated mainly with fundamental rights of common people as enshrined under constitution of a particular nation or to broaden or to restrict the horizon of legal interpretation that permits or restrains common people or governmental institutions from being indulged into any such activities that could alter the basic structure of the constitution. In this context, it automatically becomes important to receive a general idea regarding what a constitution is and its importance...
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