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Reposition sense in the knee joint in individuals with and without low back pain - Essay Example

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Considering the involvement of the patients [participants] in the experiment’s approach towards conditioning the possibility that LBP and NLBP individuals would have different reactions to the study approach, it has been found that the differences were not that significant…
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Reposition sense in the knee joint in individuals with and without low back pain
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Extract of sample "Reposition sense in the knee joint in individuals with and without low back pain"

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Although not significant to prove the hypothesis, it could be seen how the result of this study has drawn the realization of the fact that proprioception needs to be increased among patients of LBP as they undergo particular therapies to treat their health issues. Through focusing to this need, it could be noticed how the entire system of therapy applied among those in need of healthcare assistance in connection with LBP could be improved through the implication of the importance of seeing how giving attention to bodily proprioception could be a huge difference in the process of curing those who have LBP.
The limited proportion of the samples between each other has a huge significance with the result that has been garnered from this study. The fact that the participants came from the same institution and are having quite the same age range made the study more focused on a particular group of the population who may or may not be in constant possibility of developing LBP, which is the youth. Diversity was perhaps the lacking factor in this study. As this study lacked the said element, the application of the results to a more general scope of population affected by the health situation becomes a huge question of limitation.
The LBP subjects included in this study described their pain as mild to minimal severity. Moreover, the recruitment period was conducted during summer vacation. Likely because of the situation, the season and the perception of the participants with the time, they are rather expected to have moods and certain perceptive reactions to the experiment which could have likely affected the whole result of the study.
To overcome the whole limited sense of the study, an application of the isokinetic testing could be applied. This testing could help in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reposition sense of the knee joint in individuals with and without low back pain

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