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Korean American culture experience - Essay Example

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And this ethnic group have been in the United States for over a century and that their migration is characterized by three waves: labor, picture brides and independence. Religion played an…
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Korean American culture experience
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Download file to see previous pages Indded, they cited that studies point to the vitality of religion, evident in the more than 3,000 Korean American Protestant churches nationwide. (p. 2)
Most Koreans who migrated to the US barely know the English language. As such, they have difficulty in communicating with local and federal authorities. The Korean churches played an important part in this aspect because they serve as a mediator or facilitator when problem or misunderstanding between immigrant and authorities arise. According to Michael Foley and Dean Hoge (2007):
The Korean churches were the only social service organizations that were able to take care of the problems of the Korean immigrants. Church is the core the community since the beginning of Korean immigration to the US. (p. 124)
Karen Leonard (2006) found in her study that there is also a relationship between participation in ethnic congregation and the preservation of ethnicity. According to her, churches help to increase the Korean co-ethnic fellowship and in maintaining Korean cultural tradition. (p. 99) It is also important to note that Christianity in Korea or the Korean interest in the faith did not originate from missionary work. Instead Koreans sought it and adopted it, particularly incorporating traditional values such those pertaining to education, social services, political activities, among others.
While the church serve the Korean community well – with all the previously cited factors – it could at times turn into a liability. The nature of fellowship in Korean church prevents them from learning to assimilate more. One should remember that the church and its devotees appear to be a slice of home and so Korean flock to it for security and other problems. However, this may hinder the assimilation process and Koreans may end up keeping to themselves and less and less interactive in the wider American society.
On April 29, 1992 a riot broke the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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