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An examine of two different cultures - Research Paper Example

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Introduction: Outline the fact that even though Vietnam and the United States are quite different, the birth of a middle class in Vietnam, with economic independence which is similar to that of people in the United States, means that the two countries can actually be…
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An examine of two different cultures
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Download file to see previous pages Supporting points: The less well educated women tend to earn less. They therefore do not have the financial means to marry and as society no longer requires them to marry (unlike poorer Vietnamese women) they choose not to.
Supporting points: The fact that women are delaying marriage mean that they are delaying having children. This means that they are having smaller families, or are choosing not to lose their independence and are not having children at all.
Conculsion: While it superficially seems that Vietnamese and U.S. marriage rates are following the same trend, in fact the two countries are at different development stages and so in the future this trend will diverge. However, birth rates continue to fall in both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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