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Mansoor Ahmad Saad - Essay Example

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This essay is aimed at providing a critical discussion of the ways in which the research process is needed to be adapted in order to gain the perspectives of…
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Mansoor Ahmad Saad
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Extract of sample "Mansoor Ahmad Saad"

Download file to see previous pages 5.Is the sample appropriate? Is the sample large enough? Is the sample truly representative of the relevant population? What are the particular issues with this population? Are the tasks and materials appropriate?
To answer the first question of the critique, the rationale for carrying out the research is discussed. As argued by Prezant and Marshak (2006), parents of children with disabilities need a broad range of support services from service providers and child care units so that they could facilitate positive outcomes for their children and these support services will have to be aimed in a manner that meets the needs of the parents of children with disabilities.
The needs of the parents may be varied and they may not always agree with professionals on what actions or services are truly helpful. In order to understand the parents viewpoints on the type of support services required, this research paper by Prezant and Marshak (2006) have focused on the aims of examining provisions of health care services provided to disabled children from the parents’ perspectives.
The authors cite Kerr (1984) suggesting that the concept of help may differ from one person to another and that parents may have different opinions of help when compared with the professionals so it is necessary to understand parents view of what constitutes ‘help’. The theoretical framework thus seems strong in this case as the authors provide their case and their argument in a convincing manner, drawing on a conceptual framework of help and service. Help could be understood not only on the basis of unmet needs but also the type of nature of help needed. Marshak and Present (2006) suggest that parental perspectives on the kind of services provided to their children are very important as parents decide on what kind of help should be available to their children and what is most suitable for their children. Considering this, the authors do provide a string rationale ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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