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Leadership- theory, Application, & Skill development. Lussier/Achua. 3 Ed. 2007. Cengage - Essay Example

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I refer to the man, Jesus Christ. He was charismatic, transformational, servant-oriented yet ruthless in purpose, a risk- taker, a decision-maker, open, honest, caring…
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Leadership- theory, Application, & Skill development. Lussier/Achua. 3 Ed. 2007. Cengage
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Extract of sample "Leadership- theory, Application, & Skill development. Lussier/Achua. 3 Ed. 2007. Cengage"

Download file to see previous pages Like Lussier and Achua (2007), therefore, it is my belief that leadership should influence the operations of individuals so that the individual, the organization and ultimately the nation demonstrates improvement due to the functioning of the leader.
1 Although Lussier and Achua (2007) categorized leadership into five main areas, Surgency, Agreeableness, Adjustment, Conscientiousness and openness to experience, the author of this paper believes that the five most essential leadership aspects include, effective communication skills, decision-making skills, planning and implementation, intelligence, and last but not least, influence.
0 The ability to communicate effectively with individuals from all walks of life is perhaps at the top echelon of the leadership ladder. A leader who barks at followers or one who cannot form two sensible sentences together would quickly lose the respect and ultimately the ability to influence followers. The leader is only able to share vision, delegate subtasks, and complete the task, challenge competitors and influence followers and other stakeholders alike through effective communication.
1 Communicating effectively requires not only oral savvy but non verbal skills and interpersonal skills as well. A leader of an organization should be willing to listen to the concerns and the observations of even the lowest ranked personnel. This type of listening could be linked to Lussier and Achua’s category of ‘openness to experience’ for it is through this listening that the leader is able to gauge the experiences of his followers as well as the stakeholders of the organization. Thus, communication allows the leader to vicariously observe the experiences of the followers.
2 The second major factor in the effectiveness of a leader is the issue of decision making. An organization is established on goals and objectives. It is only through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership- Theory, Application, & Skill Development. Lussier/Achua. 3 Essay - 1.
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