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There are four basic definitions of change management highlighted by Fred Nickols, task management is one of the definitions and it refers to change management as undertaking planned changes in a systematic manner, the other definition is professional change management and it…
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Strategies for Change Management
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Change management: Part Summary of the article change management by Fred Nickels. Definition: There are four basic definitions of change management highlighted by Fred Nickols, task management is one of the definitions and it refers to change management as undertaking planned changes in a systematic manner, the other definition is professional change management and it refers to change management as a professional practice whereby these professionals undertake change management on behalf of their clients. The other explanation defines change management with reference to content; in this definition change management is defined as a body of knowledge whereby change management contents are drawn from a number of subjects including economics, sociology, business administration and psychology. The fourth explanation defines change management as a control mechanism. (Nickols (2008))
Fred Nickels states that change management is a process that involves moving from one state to another. Change management occurs in three strategies namely the unfreezing stage, the changing stage and the refreezing stage. (Nickols (2008))
In change management there are three goals that must be formulated and implemented and they include:
Transform goals- this is a goal that aim at determining the difference between the old and new state after change
Reduce goal – this is a goal that aim at highlighting the mean by which these differences can be implemented.
Apply goal - it aims at eliminating these differences with the mean identified. (Nickols (2008))
Change problem:
Change is identified by individuals in an organization and the following are the management mindsets that are used in identifying a change problem
How problem or question- this include a question such as how do we reduce costs?
What problem or question- this include a question such as what will we do to increase sales?
Why problem or question – this include a question such as why should we increase working capital? (Nickols (2008))
Position and the change management problem:
The position of an individual in an organization will influence the management mindset the individual follows, individuals will hold positions in three different organizational units and they include
Core unit: this include the operations units
Buffer units: this includes the support units
Perimeter units: this includes such units as marketing and sales
For the core units the individuals will have the how questions, for the perimeter units individuals will have the and how questions, for the buffer units individuals will have what questions and finally for top managers they will have what questions. (Nickols (2008))
Skills required:
There are a number of skills required to implement effective change, these skills include:
Political skills- ability to gain support from the majority in an organization
Analytical skills – ability to analyze situations and come up with rational decisions
Interpersonal skills- include leadership skills and communication skills
Business skills- ability to identify sources of income and ways to increase these incomes
(Nickols (2008))
Change Management strategies:
There are four main change management strategies and they include:
1. Empirical rational strategy: this strategy is guided by self interest
2. Normative reeducative strategy: this strategy involves changing norms and values
3. Power coercive strategy: this strategy involves the exercise of power by authorities to implement stage
4. Environmental adaptive strategy: this strategy result from external pressure that causes losses and disruptions. (Nickols (2008))
Part 2:
Selecting an effective change management strategy:
There are factors to consider when selecting an effective change management strategy and they include the following:
In an organization there exist resistance to change; the degree of resistance will depend on the number of individuals in the organization, political issues in the organization and whether the organization depends on the people. If the degree of resistance is high then the power coercive strategy or those environmental adaptive strategies are the most appropriate strategy and if resistance is low then the other strategies are appropriate. (Nickols (2008))
The number of individuals in an organization will also determine the strategy to choose, large population will require the use of all the above named strategies. (Nickols (2008))
Time available to implement change will influence decisions, when time is limited then the power coercive strategy is the moist appropriate but if time is abundant than the other strategies can be applied. (Nickols (2008))
The availability of experts in the organization will also affect choice, where an organization has limited number of experts then the power coercive strategy is the most appropriate but if there are experts then the other strategies can be used. (Nickols (2008))
A business opportunity with high anticipated returns will require the use of all four strategies given that the main purpose of the organization is to generate income and therefore the organization should by all means implement change. (Nickols (2008))
If in an organization the organization depends on people then the power coercive strategy would not be appropriate, however if the people depend on the organization the power coercive strategy would be appropriate. (Nickols (2008))
Fred Nickols (2008) Change management, retrieved on 22nd July, from Read More
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Strategies for Change Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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