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An investigation into the impact of frontline personnel on consumer buying behaviour: A case study of Sainsburys - Essay Example

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Frontline personnel at Sainsbury’s are multicultural staff that invariably brings to bear a diversity of experience and culture on the retailer’s customer base. Sainsbury’s European operations are characterized by ever increasing uncertainty and competition. Against this…
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Extract of sample "An investigation into the impact of frontline personnel on consumer buying behaviour: A case study of Sainsburys"

Download file to see previous pages This paradigm of behavior is essentially associated with the ever rising retailer competition in townships across the globe. European Union (EU) hasn’t been an exception, though in EU competition is subject to such heavy regulation.
Sainsbury’s multicultural frontline staff has a far reaching impact on the consumer buying behavior because the former’s diversity along with the organizational culture, leadership style, organizational goals and structure affect their (personnel’s) disposition towards the customer. Thus the consumer buying behavior is influenced by the frontline staff in a way that indisputably acts like the harbinger of all organizational outcomes. These outcomes are predominantly uppermost throughout this analysis so that even in the absence of metrics that enable the researcher to measure them (outcomes), the analytical depth of the research effort would remain intact and sound.
The theoretical and conceptual framework of this research effort would be basically determined by the relevance of the existing theoretical postulates and the conceptual frameworks of analysis and reference. Thus there will be a greater examination of the available literature on the subject to identify the core issues involved in frontline personnel management and its structure.
The thesis statement of this paper rests on the testing of the primacy and the immediacy of a core group of theoretical and conceptual perspectives appertaining to the impact of frontline personnel on the consumer buying behavior at Sainsbury’s against the backdrop of the former’s cultural diversity and the latter’s constant exposure to competition related issues along with the defined or undefined organizational outcomes. Both a priori and a posteriori elements of consumer buying behavior are inherently included in the analysis to capture the convergence/divergence framework of reference within Sainsbury’s employee relations and work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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