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Developing Marketing Communication- Promotional Practice Report for Sainsbury Christmas Campaign 2014- Christmas is for sharing - Essay Example

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The company also operates in the financial and property investment sector. The retail segment of Sainsbury operates with over 1106 stores serving 23 million customers on a weekly basis (Marketline. 2014)…
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Developing Marketing Communication- Promotional Practice Report for Sainsbury Christmas Campaign 2014- Christmas is for sharing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper is focused on Sainsbury’s promotional campaign for Christmas. It covers the promotional activities of the company, the target audience, medium of communication and usage of required tools.
Christmas in UK is the biggest celebration where the people involved in merry making, social gathering, and exchanging gifts. This gives the retail firms an opportunity to meet the customers’ need of buying gifts and other specialty goods for Christmas. The sudden rise in the purchase volume before the Christmas allows the retail firms to increase their sales thereby increasing their revenue. Thus Christmas is a major event that every retail company looks forward to. Sainsbury has designed its marketing campaign for Christmas termed as “Christmas is for Sharing” to attract the customers at a motivational level to buy and share gifts for their loved ones (Sainsbury’s, 2014).
According to the theories discussed by Kotler and Keller (2011) approaching a customer group is done by three basic steps, segmentation, positioning and targeting. The segmentation allows the firm to select a market segment. For Sainsbury, it is the UK retail market segment. Positioning suggests how the firm wants its customers to perceive its value proposition. Finally targeting involves selecting a particular demographic from the entire population.
Sainsbury is a multi brand retail store that offers a large portfolio of products belonging to a wide variety of piece range. Moreover, the ‘Christmas is for sharing’ does not target any particular customer segment, which suggests that Sainsbury has designed it Christmas promotional campaign for its entire customer base. Thus the target audience for this campaign is the entire UK population. However, Sainsbury is best known for its balanced positioning thereby targeting the middle and upper middle class of the society (Saunders, 2013). Thus it can be stated that the advertisement seeks to draw the attention of the entire UK ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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