English Grade 12 - Death of a Salesman character deconstruction - Book Report/Review Example

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He is in his early 30s in the plays timeline and is somewhat of a womanizer. He is an ordinary man with an ordinary job, but he is always posing as someone important and believes that he is a real Casanova. His views on women are…
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English Grade 12 - Death of a Salesman character deconstruction
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Character analysis Happy Loman is the younger of Willy Lomans sons. He is in his early 30s in the plays timeline and is somewhat of a womanizer. Heis an ordinary man with an ordinary job, but he is always posing as someone important and believes that he is a real Casanova. His views on women are superficial and degrading, he says “I keep knockin em over, and it doesnt mean anything.” Here Happy is saying that he has affairs with women but they are only for physical pleasure and he does not have any feelings for the women themselves.
A liar by habit, Happy lies about his job and almost everything else too. By telling people what they want to hear, Happy thinks he will be well liked and accepted. He lies to Linda on returning from the restaurant saying “But, Mom, he had a great time with us....” here Happy is lying so as to escape Linda’s scolding. He lies so that Linda will not think badly of him. His goal in life is to be popular and rich but like his father he does not have ability of hard work, honesty and moral backbone to achieve it.
His role in the play is that of a static character, he does not change in the play. He is and remains the duped son who buys his fathers false values and lives his life by them. Even after his father’s death he refuses to see the falseness of his father life and change his lifestyle. When Biff tries to change his opinion he says, “Im gonna show you and everybody else that Willy Loman did not die in vain. He had a good dream. Its the only dream you can have…..” Here Happy is trying to convince Biff that their father had the right view and aim in life and he is promising to fulfill his father’s dreams by becoming rich. So one can see that Happy learns nothing and his character remains shallow right up to the end.
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