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American Novel Project: The Submission by Amy Waldman - Research Paper Example

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A paper "American Novel Research Project: The Submission by Amy Waldman" claims that the novel chosen for this research exercise is The Submission by Amy Waldman.  Waldman has had a successful career with the New York Times before embarking on this debut novel…
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American Novel Research Project: The Submission by Amy Waldman
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Download file to see previous pages The jury members are awed and surprised when they open the envelope to know the winner’s identity – he is a Muslim, Mohammad Khan. In other words, “The handpicked jury, featuring artists, historians and the personally bereaved, finally - although not unanimously - arrive at a decision. It is for a walled garden featuring steel trees made of material from the Twin Towers. The names of the victims are to be inscribed on the inside of the wall. The winner of the competition to design the memorial is then revealed as one Mohammad Khan, a Muslim.” (The Mirror, 2011, p.11) The narrative then delves into how the shocked jury members handle this new reality. While some of them have no issues with the religious identity of the winner, others take objection. Hence, despite calls for unity and token expressions of tolerance, the revelation of the winner creates a rift among the jury as well as the general public opinion. In the backdrop of this dramatic setup, Waldman weaves together a novel that is rich in insight, stellar in character construction and skeptical of human motivation. In other words, Waldman is able to recognize the tragedy of 9/11 without indulging in sentimentality. (Barrow, 2011, p.59) A review piece in The Mirror highlights this achievement: “Finally its taken a novelist, and a debutant at that, to give us the clearest view yet of the human, political and cultural cost, and a possible, hopeful postscript on the 10th anniversary of the tragic event…But Waldman, a highly-acclaimed US foreign correspondent, has just written a political novel. Her story, so wonderfully controlled, with pitch-perfect prose, is steeped in raw emotion and grandstanding…At its heart are fully realized characters, and many of them, with their own issues, agendas, and flaws.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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