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Do HR policies enhance employee productivity and hence should be used as a business strategy to achieve a cost advantages - Essay Example

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This research hoped to establish with evidence if the strategic human resource management has been adopted by these organizations…
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Do HR policies enhance employee productivity and hence should be used as a business strategy to achieve a cost advantages
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Extract of sample "Do HR policies enhance employee productivity and hence should be used as a business strategy to achieve a cost advantages"

Download file to see previous pages agers [2 from large manufacturing organization, 1 from small-medium size telecom organization, 1 each from small size finance and small size service organizations], revealed that the HR managers were involved with routine functions like administration, documentation, training and development and conflict management. Further, the strategic roles and its attributes were presented as the ability to foresee future and assess the changing business needs and environments and to plan for them. The main survey includes questions developed on the basis of the findings of the preliminary survey and the literature review. The main research included administering a questionnaire to fifty HR managers [20 from manufacturing with 15 large organizations and 5 Small-Medium; 10 from large telecom organization; 10 each from small finance and service organizations] from 15 organizations.
- The larger firms have HR managers who are more involved in the organizational process and in addition to the administrative duties also provide guidance in policy development and assessing the future HR needs.
- There is also a difference in the role of the HR managers across different sectors. Manufacturing organizations give more autonomy, and their HR managers are more involved in decision-making, and provide more strategy related support. Training and development activities take up a major part of all HR managers’ time.
General Management is the management of the organizational resources and processes in a manner that positive gins could be attained out of the enterprise. General Management therefore comprises of activities like planning, organizing, motivating, controlling, leading and conflict managing. With the onset of the industrialization, the realm of General Management expanded to include activities like process managements and technology management (Kroon 2005). Further, propelled by the various researchers and academics, the management thought evolved to make the human resources ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Do HR Policies Enhance Employee Productivity and Hence Should Be Used Essay.
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