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I have placed the title in the assighnment criteria below - Essay Example

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The Law of Contracts, the Law of Torts, and the Law of Restitution are considered as the three main pillars of the English law pertaining to civil liabilities. The Law of Contract is related to the enforcement of exchange transactions, the Law of Torts is concerned with the…
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I have placed the title in the assighnment criteria below
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Download file to see previous pages t, tort and restitution is sometimes said to be based on the nature of the remedies available in relation to each, and in particular the measure of damages.’
The concept of contract was established in the nineteenth century, which prompted the development of a body of associated laws generally known as the Classical law of Contracts. “The common law of torts originated in a rural society, where the centralized justice was being born.” 1 The Law of Contract is oriented around the idea of ‘Freedom of Contract’, probably due to the influence of the laissez faire economy existent in the 19th century. "The classical school reflects the priorities of its age, which greatly valued free enterprise, private autonomy and laissez-faire approach to economic activity." 2 With the increase in industrialization, it was realized that a separate set of regulations to regulate a business needed to be developed. The court and the law on the other hand would only intervene for settling any kind of disputes. Hence the parties signing a contract would be governed by a set of rationalistic principles and the resultant transactions would eventually benefit both the parties as well as the society.
The Law of Torts comes into play when there’s a wrongful interference with the rights in a contract. Therefore, whenever a person intentionally breaches a contract between two parties, it’s said that a tort is committed. When a person becomes the subject of legal damages, he or she is liable to be compensated for the damages done. "Under the tort system, a person who has injured himself has no right to compensation." 3 In tort law, the person who’s committed the offence is called the plaintiff and generally, the Law of Torts covers intentional acts as well as accidents.
Here’s a simple example which demonstrate the Law of Torts: Suppose Roger and Pete are playing golf, and suddenly a shot by Pete hits Roger. Roger can now sue Pete for losses such as pain or medical treatment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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