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Sociological factor - Essay Example

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The view of women and how they are perceived by men and the patriarchal society have changed a lot in the past century mostly, but are still problematic and need to further advance to a point where sexism is gone and men and women are treated and looked upon as equals, rather…
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Sociological factor
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"Sociological factor"

Download file to see previous pages They were housewives and their sole purpose in life was to please their man and do as he pleases. They essentially lacked basic rights and chained to the circumstances of their lives. They usually did not even get a say in who their husband is going to be, as their husband was chosen for them by their husband.
A change has happened in the 20th century, when in the 1920s millions of people in the US migrated from the countryside to cities, where more modern views were held and practiced. This was a pre-step in getting more acknowledgement, freedom and equal treatment. Later on, in the 1930s and 1940s, as World War 2 raged on and resources and manpower were low, women were incorporated in the labor, preparations, assistance of the soldiers in the frontlines and at home. They were given primary positions which were very important to the remainder of the war. Their positions were mainly those of nurses, seamstresses, food suppliers and many other positions traditionally associated with women, but it was a big leap when they were incorporated in the war effort because until then it wasnt allowed. The totality of the war actually brought about their incorporation in the war, and sometimes even in crucial positions. After the war had ended, women realized that if they were good enough to help the war effort and do their jobs just like men did, why shouldnt they be able to do these things and other things in their everyday lives? The movement of the liberation of women began to sprout. Women claimed that if they were good enough to participate in the war effort and do their jobs exactly like men, they should also be able to do any job in real life and be acknowledged as equal to men. They also stated that without their help, the soldiers wouldnt have their supplies, their clothing, their medical assistance and so on. This notion of gender equality continued ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociological Factor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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