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Equine Rescue - Essay Example

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Equine rescues provide much needed education and support to horse owners who are otherwise ignorant of the needs of the animals in hopes that those in their care will not become a case of neglect. However, in an economy that is making it difficult to feed and support human…
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Equine Rescue
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"Equine Rescue"

Download file to see previous pages animals with the intent of giving them good care are now floundering as their original plans prove too expensive and they are unsure how and where to cut the expenses. Neglect becomes a consequence of not knowing how to formulate an alternative plan for the care of their horses.
In order to understand the issue, it is important to understand the responsibilities of an owner in caring for a horse. Every animal has a designed physical system that must be fed in a specific way. For the horse, the digestive system developed so that it could accommodate a nomadic lifestyle that provided a constant source of grazing (Prince & Collier, 1989, p. 81). Proper dental care for the horse is central to maintaining healthy eating habits as the horse must be able to liquefy his food through chewing before it is swallowed. The best way to feed a horse is to let them graze in a pasture. This sort of food provision is in line with nature and will provide most of his or her needs, except perhaps for an addition of salt if this is lacking in the area. If this is not feasible, then a cereal grain hay such as oat, barley or wheat would be the next
A horse will need an area in which to exercise, and an area that will protect them from inclement weather and the elements. Ideally, anyone who has purchased a horse has a stable and land adequate for exercise available. According to Prince and Collier (1989), “A good stable site will allow for dry foundations, free drainage, good lighting, adequate water supply, and pure air” (p. 28). Loafing sheds are a place where horses can get out of the weather, yet still have access to the outside areas. These are usually built with three walls and are shared with several horses who have free access to them. Barbed wire, while used throughout a good deal of the West, is not ideal as fencing material because the horses end up with a great deal of injuries that can ultimately become infected or cause other health risks.
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