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Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Truth, and Lies, My Name is Aram, The Orphaned Swimming Pool - Assignment Example

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The paper focuses on five short stories "To build a fire and other stories" authored by Jack London, "The moon and sixpence" authored by Maugham, Somerset, "My name are Aram" authored by William Saroyan, "The Orphaned Swimming Pool" authored by Updike John…
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Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Truth, and Lies, My Name is Aram, The Orphaned Swimming Pool
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Truth, and Lies, My Name is Aram, The Orphaned Swimming Pool"

Download file to see previous pages 2. Maruod justifies his behavior to Aram and himself that he had borrowed it (sought of). This may be true to some extent given the fact that he was willing to return it after six months. He goes on to the extent of asking Aram whether he is inviting a member of their family to steal (Saroyan 67). Aram and Maroud are not dishonest. Firstly, they had planned to return the horse. Secondly, no one had asked them about the horse and if asked they were willing, to tell the truth. Eventually, they took it back to its owner. However, they may be dishonest as the return was as a result of the farmer’s statement which implied he may have suspected the horse was his. It reminds us how we use other people's things without asking for permission even with the intention of returning.

3. The farmer does not claim the horse because he believed that the boy's cold did not lie to him as they came from an honest family. The fact that he was calm and did not claim the horse despite the similarities, one may argue that the boys may have felt guilty. This, therefore, made the boys return the horse. Furthermore, his calmness and trust attracted the boys. The farmer brought the horse to that family to confirm to them that it had been returned. Indeed, the gesture shows that he was an honest and caring man. This may be connected with the way one may talk of something getting lost to his friends and when he finds it, he shows it to them.

4. Byro and Khosrove have things in common; they both like coffee and tea. When they visited Aram’s home, his mother offered them coffee and cigarettes. At that time both of them had lost things; while Byro had lost his horse, Khosrove had lost his homeland. Both of them were also lonely; it is stated out of loneliness the farmer had learned Armenian and Aram’s mother points out that Khosrove was homesick, depicting loneliness. Finally, both speak Armenian. It reminds me of two enemies in a film who had different but shared some similarities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Assignment.
(Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Assignment)
Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Assignment.
“Analysis of Short Stories: The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, Assignment”.
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