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Horse Industry and Equine Law - Essay Example

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The equine industry is one among the major animal industry in the world. This is because horses - the layman's term for equine - are one of the most expensive animals to buy and to take care of. Equines can be considered as pet for animal lovers, a practical means of transport within the farm or to country-side areas, and also a good form of business in a way of breeding and acing quality horses.
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Horse Industry and Equine Law
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Extract of sample "Horse Industry and Equine Law"

Download file to see previous pages The animal rights advocates and educators will benefit from this paper because they will be given ample information about equine industry. This paper will highlight the proper training and management of horses - may it be for farming or for racing use. This will also include laws and regulations pertaining to accidents and injuries of and by the horses plus the specific laws of betting in race horses. With such information, they will be armed with enough knowledge on what to promote for or against the common practices of equine management.
Managers and owners of equine farms will also greatly benefit from this study as they, too, will know if their management practices and/or approaches are appropriate and legal or not. They will be able to assess if they need to modify their strategies or of they need to seek some consultants and experts regarding in the equine industry.
Lastly, this paper will be of great help to other and future researchers who would be interested in tackling equine related concepts. The results of this study will serve as their basis for further research or can be used as references to prove their own hypothesis.
Keeping the horses physically fit is the most important thing...
Lastly, this paper will be of great help to other and future researchers who would be interested in tackling equine related concepts. The results of this study will serve as their basis for further research or can be used as references to prove their own hypothesis.
Review of Related Literature
Management and Training of Horses
For the Horse
Keeping the horses physically fit is the most important thing that the equine farm manager must do. This is because horses that become lame cannot be productive nor useful for the farm anymore, hence most often than not, lame horses are already considered dead. To keep the horses healthy and on top of its shape, the farm caretaker must ensure that it has a well balanced rest and 'work' time.
Hoses are like humans, they need to rest and to work at the same time. However, unlike humans, horses will need t have longer hours of working than resting. This is because horses that get longer resting periods become more prone to diseases and thy will eventually "loose conditioning" or "get out of shape" when it is having long periods of rest. Hence to ensure that horses will perform very well, a series of trainings and activities should be that which will involve "cardiovascular fitness, respiratory fitness, thermoregulation, muscle fatigue and skeletal fatigue" (Day, 2002).
Ensuring that the cardiovascular organs or body parts of the horses are in good condition will help in instigating a fast and sturdy horse. It should be noted that the normal heart rate horses when resting is 35 beats per minute (bpm) on the average. Meanwhile the normal heart rate of horses during "extremely high intensity" ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Horse Industry and Equine Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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