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How you would measure the key Independent Variables and Dependant Variables in the study on:Why Gaza Strip war (conflict) never ends - Essay Example

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But, the conflict has become multidimensional over the years, with the issues being discussed on many platforms, both formally and informally. But the war which started off more than 40 years…
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How you would measure the key Independent Variables and Dependant Variables in the study on:Why Gaza Strip war (conflict) never ends
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Extract of sample "How you would measure the key Independent Variables and Dependant Variables in the study on:Why Gaza Strip war (conflict) never ends"

Download file to see previous pages After Israel occupied the Gaza strip, the UN Security Council did come indeed come out with its resolution no-242 calling for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from the Gaza strip (UN, 2009). But there were not many condemnations from the western world and no threats of serious repercussions if the resolution is not implemented. Therefore, except doing the formality of discussing the issue at UNSC and passing a resolution, there were no efforts to get the resolution implemented. This caused much heartburn amongst the Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general. Since the UNSC did not have any forces of its own, it was in no position to make use of force. This ensured that the conflict remained unresolved for a long time. In fact even now, the international community remains more of a distant spectator.
Indeed, it’s a bitter truth that the strategic and economic interests have now acquired more prominence over human beings sufferings. Otherwise how do we explain the involvement of US and Allied forces in Afghanistan and Iraq? The cold war between US and the then USSR ensured that Afghanistan remained a war zone for years together. Similarly, the oil economy is stated to be one of the key reason behind the presence of US and allied forces in Iraq. The Shia and Sunni conflicts were part of the civil conflict in Iraq for many years. In addition some policies of President Saddam Hussain also angered the Western world. Taking shelter behind the argument that Iraq has got a huge cache of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), the allied forces attacked Iraq, only to find that there’s nothing of that sort in Iraq and the country is still reeling under trouble. But in case of Gaza strip, it doesn’t find favor with any other nation because it has no economic or strategic relevance for them.
The Afghanistan region is a typical example of such a scenario. With strategic interest of US, Russia, Pakistan and India the country has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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